Use our FAQ to find response to all your doubts

1)When are you open?

We are open daily from 06:30 am to 11:30 pm. Please contact us to request 24/7 access

2)If I want to rent a locker….?

There are two possibilities :
Online, indicating in the reservation form the required information (arrival date, rental duration which is minimum one day, the number of lockers/miniboxes). Payment by credit card is then made.
– Directly at the depot, by credit card or coins of 0.50€, 1.00€ or 2.00€.

3)But how much does a locker/minibox cost per day?

Regarding lockers:
-Minimum rate 4.00€ for 4 trolleys;
-7.00€ up to 4 hours;
-12.00€ up to 6 hours;
-15.00€ from 7h to 24h;
-15.00€ for each day after the first;
Regarding miniboxes:
-Single rate of 7.50€ for one day (from 8am to 11pm)
-4€ for each subsequent day

4)But do I have to pay the full amount right away?

No, if you rent a locker you pay only the first 2 hours right away, you pay the difference when you pick up.
No, if you rent a minibox you pay immediately the first day(7.50€), you pay the difference at the time of pickup.

5)….e if I don’t return by closing time?(11:30 pm)

It is possible to pick up your luggage from 6:30 am the following day.

6)But is the storage facility secure?

Certainly, the place is under video surveillance and your luggage is insured.

7)But what if someone wants to open my locker/minibox?

Impossible! The locker/minibox is opened only by entering a code that is exclusively in your possession.

8)I forgot something inside the locker/minibox that I need right away–how do I do that?

You can reopen the locker without any problems and without paying anything within 15 minutes after paying for the first 2 hours.
After the first 15 minutes you can reopen it only by paying the balance for the time used (equal to zero if within the first 2 hours).
If you then want to use the locker again, you will have to make another reservation.
The minibox can be reopened without any problems at any time.

9)Do I find someone to assist me in the locker?

NOT NEEDED. The System is easy, logical and intuitive. There are instructions in 5 languages.
In any case, in case of need you can call or send a text message via Whatsapp to the Manager who will answer you in Italian, English or Spanish.
Find our contacts here.

10)….e if my box does not open or I forgot the code?

You can call or text via Whatsapp to the Manager and you will get real-time assistance.

11)How big are the Cabinets ?

Size of a cabinet
Size of a keybox
Keybox can be used to fit keys and documents of any kind

12)How long can I leave my luggage / belongings in the lockers/Miniboxes?

You can leave your luggage/personal belongings inside the lockers/miniboxes up to a maximum of 31 days.
After this period they are considered abandoned and the owner is authorized to dispose of the contents, unless otherwise agreed upon directly with the manager by writing to info@selfluggagestorage.it (no later than the 31st day).


13)You find our FAQ is not complete?

Please feel free to text use any kind  of question via our Request Information form