1)When are you open?

Everyday from 8 am to 11 pm, except for the 25th-26th of December and on the 1st of January.

2)How can I rent a box?

You have two possibilities:
– Online booking: choose your date of arrival, the rental time (at least 1 day), number of lockers or keys box (3 maximum for each booking) and then fill in your contact details. You will be able to pay only with credit card;
– Directly in the store: by using credit card or by using 0,50€- 1,00€ -2,00€ coins.
In both cases it is very important for you to keep the receipt with the key code in order to open the locker/keys box at the end of the rental time.

3)How much does it cost?

With regard to the lockers:
-Minimum fare is 4,00€ for 4 trolleys. After that:
-6,50€ up to 4 hours
-9,50€ up to 6 hours
-12,00€ from 7 to 24 hours
-10,00€ for each day after the first day.
With regard to the keys box:
-Single rate of 4,50€ for the full day (8am to 11pm).
-€2 for each subsequent day

4)Do I have to pay immediately the full amount?

No, you don’t have to if you are renting a locker. You have to pay immediately only the first 2 hours. Then, you will pay the balance whenever you collect your luggages.
No, if you rent a minibox you pay immediately the first day (€ 4.50), you can pay the difference at the time of collection.

5)What if i don’t collect my luggage within closing time (11 pm)?

It will be possible to collect your luggage starting from 8 am on the day after.

6)Is the deposit safe?

Certainly, the place is under video surveillance and your luggage is insured.

7)What if somebody wants to open my box?

Impossible! The locker/keys box can be opened only with the key code in your exclusive possession (and that obviously you must not forget or lose).

8)I forgot something inside the box that I need immediately: what can I do?

You can reopen the locker with no problems and without paying anything within 15 minutes after paying the first 2 hours.
After the first 15 minutes it is possible to open it again only paying the time you have used until that moment (which is zero if it is within the first 2 hours).
If you want to use again the locker, you will have to pay for another booking.
If you rent a keys box is possible to reopen it whenever you want.

9)Is there somebody in the deposit that can assist me?

It is not necessary. The system is easy, logical and intuitive, with instructions in 5 languages. In any case, if you need it, you can get telephone assistance in English from opening time to closing time.

10)What if my box cannot be opened?

You can get assistance via phone or via Whatsapp.

11)What size are the lockers/ keys boxes?

12)How long can I leave my luggage / my belongings in the lockers / Miniboxes?

You can leave your luggage/personal belongings inside the Lockers /Miniboxes up to a maximum of thirty-one days. Beyond this limit we Consider the Luggage as Abandoned and the Manager is authorized to dispose of the Contents,unless otherwise agreed with the Manager by writing an e-mail to info@selfluggagestorage.it by the thirty-first day (Not Later).

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