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Online reservations are temporarily suspended. In-store booking remains available at all times.
Call and/or WhatsApp us at +39 388 9363918 or email us at to confirm availability.

Are you a tourist visiting Venice and can’t check in immediately upon arrival?

Our luggage storage service is the solution!


Appena arrivi a Venezia depositi le tue valigie da noi e parti subito alla scoperta della città. Venezia è la città per eccellenza dove si cammina: percorrere le calli ed esplorare i luoghi di interesse con le valigie risulta molto scomodo e faticoso.

Enjoy 100% the wonders of the Serenissima from the very first moment. Our luggage storage is also the answer for early check-outs.

Do you need to check out by 10 a.m. but still have a few hours to spare before departure?

Leave your bags with us and make the most of every last minute of your vacation!

Why choose our BAGGAGE DEPOSIT service?



Find at your disposal very large lockers and miniboxes, to accommodate any kind of luggage. You can book in advance, through the website or use them directly on site, depending on your needs. You can also leave your luggage for several days and we are open until late in the evening.


Your luggage is safe with us. The room where they are kept is constantly under video surveillance and checked at night by a security guard.The business is covered by insurance.


We’re located in one of the most special spots in Venice: when you’ve deposited your bags, you’re just steps away from the best places for aperitifs and dinner. Step right into the city’s most authentic areas and breathe in the local atmosphere right away.


It is a green service that offers a concrete solution to noise pollution, a growing but always underestimated phenomenon. Trolley wheels ruin the special pavements of the calli and the steps of bridges every day. Self Luggage Storage contributes to the preservation of Venice’s beauty by preventing further accidental damage. At the same time, it offers a concrete solution to the often very cumbersome presence of luggage in public transportation.

Key Box

If you are an accommodation owner, you are familiar with the difficulties involved in delivering keys to late arriving guests. It is often difficult to ensure consistent attendance and to manage delays, unexpected events and last-minute reservations. The solution? The rental of practical miniboxes for key delivery.

How it works.

  1. You place what your client needs in the box: room keys, a map, and any useful documents
  2. Communicate your the client the code of his box
  3. The client with its code accesses the box and retrieves keys and information materials

Why does it suit you?



Save endless waiting time, optimize your time and can devote to other activities.


Distinguish yourself from the competition and offer better service to your guests. When they arrive in town, they go to our facility and immediately take possession of the keys.


You can open the key box only with the code you communicate to your customer. The room that houses the miniboxes is under video surveillance. The activity is covered by insurance.


We are open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., so your guests can check in and check out with ample hourly availability.

Daily price list - Key Box

Dalle 08:00 alle 23:00
€4,50 tariffa unica. Per ogni giorno successivo €2,00*

*the amount for the first day is paid in full at the same time as the reservation , which can be made on site and the difference is paid at pickup.

Online reservations are temporarily suspended. In-store booking remains available at all times.
Call and/or WhatsApp us at +39 388 9363918 or email us at to confirm availability.

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